Will grandfathers never receive updates for pro features?

Asking just to make sure that I understand this correctly

So are for example image occlusion updates like „hide all show one“ (Don't show other cards during image occlusion & Image occlusion improvement) only available for pros and we grandfathers will only have the 1.0 version?

According to the v1.1 release video, grandfathered users get all Pro features before v1.1.
However, I just updated my desktop app and I got these new Pro features. So I’m not sure about that.

Going forward, as I understand grandfathered users won’t get any new Pro features, but we will still be getting new (non-Pro) features, as well as bug fixes.

These are my guesses. Let’s see what the team replies.

Pretty sure that‘s your 14 day trial

@88DM88 yep, thanks. Just learned this info is stated in Settings/Subscription.

I believe as per the update release video, grandfather users won’t be gettin the new pro features, the pro features that we are being able to use of v1.1 right now is just for us to check the updates.

Anyways, mine are guesses too.

The questions has been answered here Additional Pricing FAQ Many thanks for all the hard work, RemNote team!

@ognsya is correct. All grandfathered users get all Pro features in the breakdown found at https://www.remnote.io/updates before v1.1. Any new pro features in future updates won’t be grandfathered in

Ok I get that but what about the image occlusion feature? Will it always be the way it is right now for grandfathered users unless they upgrade to pro?

@88DM88 From a software engineering perspective there are usually just settings like enable/disable feature X, not enable feature X version 1 including bugfixes until someDate. Imagine you had to keep a version of the app for each state of pro features (since people can leave pro at different times) and patch free features only for each of them.
Also what if a paid feature interacts with a free one or a critical bug is found that has to be fixed regardless of new features?
And what if the feature requires a different backend API? Would you expect them to keep up an extra server with an older backend just for that?
The number of app versions you had to manage would skyrocket.

So I think it is just Image Occlusion: yes or no/enabled or disabled. And bugfixes and changes to a feature are always deployed for all users.