Ability to create a table of contents

will show titles like wiki

Assuming you use native headers, you can filter the document by “Header” powerup tag and press the plus icon to insert a search portal that will show all headers of a document. See example.


It has occurred to me the need to have an index of the document I am studying in the left pane, as I did when I used Microsoft Word to study.
What I did is order the titles well and thus I had in view where I was moving in the text, so it required many types of titles ordered by hierarchy, it would be really useful if the title hierarchies were undefined for the creation of a index.
Sorry for my bad English.
Thank you!

I believe the ability to create an automated table of contents at the beginning of a document (or wherever) with the different headings would be really helpful.

+1, because I have very long document, navigate in these document is quite difficult, even with ctrl up to fold content is not enough