Advanced fold/unfold operations/shortcuts (fold different levels)

I’d like more ways to control/navigate the hierarchy fold state using the keyboard. Here’s an initial list I thought up. Suggestions, comments and corrections are welcome!

Set/change global fold depth for current Document
- ALT+0-9: set folding depth for the entire Document
- Ex: ALT+0 would be the equivalent of what currently can be achieved by (1) selecting the title of a Document, (2) CTRL+UP and then (3) CTRL+DOWN
- Would also be good to have shortcuts to increase/decrease global fold depth (one by one)

Grow/trim a specific tree gradually, by level (recursively)
- CTRL+DOWN: attempts to expand all immediate children. If they are already all expanded, do the same for all of their immediate children, and so on. Can be repeated until the full tree is unfolded.
- CTRL+UP: folds all deepest Rem into their parents. Trims the tree more at every repetition. Once all branches/children have been folded, this same command can be used for a different purpose: to tuck the Rem into its parent (ie., same as performing CTRL+UP on the parent). Focus can then change to the parent, so that repeating this would eventually fold the entire Document.

Hide/show entire tree
- CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN: existing behaviour
- CTRL+SHIFT+UP: folds all children (action currently assigned to CTRL+UP)

Hide/show tree without losing its state
- CTRL+ALT+UP: hides tree, keeping the current folding state of its hierarchy.
- CTRL+ALT+DOWN: reveals the tree as it was, preserved.
- Useful when you want to declutter the view, but still want to keep the tree state for later.


for example:
ctrl + shift + alt + 0/1/2/3/4 collapse/expend all / level1 /level2 /level3/ level4 rems, it quite useful when someone want to read there doc’s structure

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I suggest just ALT+0-9 for the global fold/unfold (its something I use very often in Notepad++)

I don’t think that shortcut is used elsewhere in RemNote…

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any update? :grinning: I really need this feature