Make folding be different from hiding

I feel like I use rem hiding for two independent purposes: navigation and, well, hiding.

When navigating, I fold/unfold without thought. I collapse anything I don’t need at that specific moment. The less I see of what I don’t need to see, the better. And it works great.

But then I can’t use hiding to carefully and semi-permanently hide metadata, templates, or build the specific view of the rems I’m trying to create (e.g. in a portal), and that’s a waste of a very powerful functionality.

Ofc, if you think I’m missing something, please let me know!

I know it is difficult to find a balance between many customization options and a simple UI-UX, and if I have to prioritize one I choose the former. Still, I think there are some added functions that are unnecessary and make using remnote a bit complex. One of them is the ability to hide items. In onenote whenever I wanted to hide something I created a “rem” called “Tray” and collapsed it.
The hide function does not make sense, because to “reveal” a hidden rem you have to see the hidden element somewhere, and in that case there is no difference with collapsing.

in short, I agree with you.

Is anyone else finding the collapsing and hiding features being boggled together annoying ?
For example,

  • When a rem is collapsed :
    1. The children are omitted from being shared
    2. Filters dont detect the references and tags inside a collapsed rem This behaviour has been changed :slight_smile:

While the options 1 and 2 should be present, i feel it makes more sense to have them enabled by a separate function that say hidden rem.

Collapsing and expanding a Rem is a very automated process that we do, mindlessly, often and mainly for aesthetics and to gain a larger perspective by seeing only the parents etc… It shouldn’t be confused with the process of deliberately hiding certain Rems that we don’t wish to show up in shared documents and filters.

One word



This is really essential feature. remembering state is so precious


Accomplished in Newer version!