Option to preserve folding state of children

I often find myself expecting the folding state of children to be preserved as I fold/unfold their parent.

For example, if I have:

  • Parent item
    – Item 1
    — Item 1.1
    — Item 1.2
    – Item 2

If I fold the Parent item, then unfold it, I’d expect Item 1 to still be unfolded.

I’d still like the option to “Fold/unfold all children”, perhaps via a modifier (I think CTRL is free for this?). There could be an option in Settings for users to choose which of these two behaviours should be the “normal” one.

Unless there is some usability issue that would arise from it?
(For example, I like how you can have a specific folding state for a Portal, independent from the original Rems. Not sure how my request would/could affect that.)

You can unfold all descendents if you press SHIFT while clicking.

Or with the keyboard CTRL + ↓ to unfold only the direct children and CTRL + SHIFT + ↓ for all descendents. You can also go to the title of the document and use these shortcuts to unfold everything.


Yes, I know. I meant that this is a request to add a feature, not to substitute the existing one (which you described).

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