Be able to navigate date picker with keyboard

Although the natural text parsing is quite powerful for things like !!3 weeks ago, I think for nearby dates this would be easier/faster (less keystrokes):

  1. Type !! (brings up date picker) (2 keystrokes)
  2. Use arrow keys to navigate to my desired date (1-3 keystrokes)
  3. Hit ENTER to choose (1 keystroke)

For example, for !!3 day, its 8 strokes, versus 6 in my proposed system (also, it’s much easier to just type arrows, instead of needing to think/type words).

Again, this would be useful mostly for nearby dates. Text parsing (or clicking) would still be best for most other cases.

Yes! I agree. While I would love a calendar picker in the Daily Docs sidebar (Daily Document calendars?), the most common thing I do is look forward or back a few days.

I was thinking of trying to write an autohotkey script to do it (which would stretch my modest autohotkey coding ability) along the lines of the script I wrote in Keyboard Driven Workflow and Commands.

I don’t see how to do it with autohotkey, though. I can use RemNote’s Ctrl-P to search for “Daily Documents,” but can’t TAB into the Daily Docs to get to the Date. Similarly, I can Ctrl-P, then use !!yesterday to pull up yesterday’s date in the search box, but RemNote does not give me an option to go to that day from the search (it is as if search can’t find a Daily Doc rem). Nor will it create the day if it doesn’t exist.

The only way I can think to do it with keystrokes is to actually create a date rem reference in my current document then use that reference to navigate to the date. But then I’m left with an additional reference I didn’t need. What might be possible with keystrokes is an autohotkey script to create a week’s worth of date portals (perhaps in my START page) on Monday mornings. I’d rather have a week at a glance anyway that just individual days.

If there is an autohotkey wiz out there I’d be happy to benefit from your expertise!

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