Daily Document calendars?

Has anyone tried using CSS to make sidebar children under Daily Documents more usable? It would be nice to be able to quickly click on a day in a calendar layout to either jump to that Daily Document (or create it if it doesn’t already exist). A calendar (like the RemNote !! calendar) that expanded under Daily Docs to show children like this would be great:

With perhaps the addition of arrows to quickly switch year, as in < 2020 >.

I was looking with great interest at @hannesfrank’s CSS for kanbans or columns (at 🎄 Advent Calendar: Every day a new Custom CSS Snippet). A table in a typical calendar layout where each day box held the contents (perhaps overflow collapsed) of that Daily Document would be very useful for me. Useful because I often access what I’m looking for by remembering the day I wrote it (hence easy access to the Daily Document) rather than a search or other context.

This is not possible with pure CSS since it requires extra markup. And doing it from the daily documents page is too fragile.

You need a user script for that. And to work smoothly the history navigation from Editor Commands Pt. 1 (Click on Rems with JavaScript) and URL endpoint to Today’s Document to create nonexisting dates.

Alternatively you could paste a month view generated by some script explicitly (see More robust date/time system). This requires Ability to paste references to dates/daily notes.


Thanks for the reply! That’s out of my depth for now :), I’ll have to study more. I appreciate all your CSS magic in other posts, @hannesfrank.

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Besides a native, builtin implementation there are different approaches to implementing this as a community extension, all having their own drawbacks

  • A plugin, but it’s pretty tricky to get this right and you can not click to open days from there with the current plugin API.
  • A user script (smart rem), but you’d lose editing capability. Only viewing/opening the original rem would work.
  • Custom CSS similar to the Kanban Board. This allows do edit entries and open them directly. But it does not work from the daily documents, at least to make it look like in the screenshot. Rather for each month you would need some extra rems to make a “board” for each day. With the new date pasting syntax you could at least use a script to generate references for each daily document to paste automatically. Or make a mini plugin to just insert them.
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