Bury (automatically) other cloze cards on the same rem

This is a feature I appreciated in Anki. Whenever a card is scheduled for review, the other cards (if any) on the same note will be buried and only show up on the next day. The rationale is that reviewing subsequent cards on the same rem - usually being reviewed immediately after the first one within RemNote - is not much effective because the rem (that had just been revealed entirely) is still there in your short-term memory.

Yes, this is quite important!

The equivalent feature for Image Occlusion cards is requested here: Image occlusion improvement.

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This is very much needed. I’m having to adjust my queue responses in such a way that cloze cards from the the same image don’t show on the same day. :sweat_smile:

As a workaround I just use the “skip 1 hour” button but agreed that this feature is much in need.

I turned off:

  • Documents Clusters
  • Reference Clusters
  • Tag Clusters

Now it’s all random

I turned off these checkboxes too but I still get consecutive cloze cards when they first display in the deck.

Regardless of whether we have those boxes selected, the default behaviour should be to stagger clozes from the same card.

Like all 4? A new cluster was added last update and turning all 4 of them off made the queue completely random for me, don’t have any experiences with clozes though, which is why I’m asking

Indeed it become random by doing this, but it still show the other clozes of the same rem, and the other card of the Rem (forward, backward), in the same day; it would be better to have the option of actually burying these cards till the next day, just like in Anki.