Easily Discernible List Card Layout


CleanShot 2021-10-29 at 15 01 27


CleanShot 2021-10-29 at 14 55 20

All you need to do is just guess how long the front-side width size is, and then tag to each Answer Part of the Card (each rem Individually)

  • w30 → Front width 30px
  • w60 → Front width 60px
  • w90 → Front width 90px
  • w120 → Front width 120px
  • w150 → Front width 150px
  • w180 → Front width 180px
  • w210 → Front width 210px
  • w240 → Front width 240px
  • w270 → Front width 270px
  • w300 → Front width 300px
  • w330 → Front width 330px
  • w360 → Front width 360px
  • w390 → Front width 390px
  • w420 → Front width 420px
  • w450 → Front width 450px
  • w480 → Front width 480px

HELLO , i have some problems when i use these css ;
what should i do if i want use these great css ;
copy and paste them in the custom css but it didn’t work

Hi @Faraday,
Follow this step and you’ll make it.

  1. Make List Card using Question >/> or ( >>>, <<<)
  2. Tag to the each Answer part of rems

If you are seasoned user, using 3rd party text expander makes this process
pretty easy like this.


I have paste the css but when i want to use it , i didn’t see the tag “w90” when i use " ctrl + / "

maybe the i paste the css wrong ?

Of course, it doesn’t exist in the first place.
The gif image I uploaded represents my own Rem named W90 W120 … etc which was already made several months before so it popped up that way. Don’t worry

Just make your own rem named w60 w90 w120 … in the tag search popup, in the hierarchy editor whatever way it doesn’t matter. And It doesn’t always have to be named that way. you can customize yourself!

thanks a lot , i solve it

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Very nifty. What third party text expander do you use and how did you make it so that tag option comes up after highlighting? I am not familiar with this function.

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Hi, @jbuck
I’m currently using Alfred (with Alfred Maestro) + Keyboard Maestro in macOS

You can also use other tools in other OS. Look this thread.