Explicit incremental reading implementation

At the moment it’s possible to hack together incremental reading by either slapping a ::incremental reading at the end of the rem or cloze deleting a part of it (an extra period added only to cloze it, for example). The disadvantage is if (when) you decide to convert the raw text to a zettel you already have some ease built up on the original, so you have a choice: create a new rem that will have no ease and possibly no tags/links or stick with the easy, built-up rem.

Possible solutions:

  • expand edit later functionality to populate the queue if some specific message is entered
  • or add a separate “read later” button that has a separate queue
  • or allow manually editing rem spaced repetition settings through the metadata

I think it would be nice if it periodically showed us a rem to read
I think it makes sense, because people also learn by seeing things.
examples of use

  • things that are difficult or nonsense to turn into questions
    • ex: erythrocyte does not have mitochondria -> it can be strange to ask like erythrocyte has mitochondria (the answer is predictable, otherwise why would i ask such a question)
  • things we want to see as often as we want, such as reminders (ex: a quote we like)
  • incremental reading

In Roam and Anki, it’s possible to make spaced repetition items for content that wouldn’t generate cards in RemNote’s current implementation. So I think it would be useful to add an option for spaced repetition to plain Rems in RemNote.

This would be useful for e.g. tasks that do not explicitly require content recall but can still be graded using spaced repetition e.g. “practice this section of this piece on the piano”, “practice this dance movement/martial arts form/etc.”

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Additionally, when you get one of these reminders and you close the app, to do whatever is asked, and you reopen RemNote afterwards, it should immediately ask you how well you were able to recall the thing you had to do. A personal use case for me would be math exercises. Like I‘m clearing the queue, get such a reminder to solve series x of topic y and when I get back to RemNote I can rate how well I was able to solve everything through the 4 options. Really hope this gets implemented because I think this feature might be the best way to directly integrate exercises into RemNote, something I really need for practice heavy subjects


I would like to see a second Queue with reminders, where you wouldn‘t have an algorithm but only Intervalls, or maybe even triggers that would add a rem to the reminders Queue.
It would be nice to Programm the reminders with IF - THEN functions.
Then it would be very helpful as well if you tag those action steps with a priority tag.

This would help with managing areas in life, where you simply need to be reminded to make an action step, or where you want to be reminded to act on and make use of your knowledge.

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I have tried several learning apps like Anki, SuperMemo, Quizlet, etc.
SuperMemo has an outdated interface, though, its Incremental Reading feature really caught my eye.
At the moment I have to switch back and forth between RemNote for taking notes in class and SuperMemo for reading
I believe adding Incremental Reading to RemNote would be a huge hit


Instead of second queues, I’d go for something more general.

Just like adding a portal to the Document Sidebar doc ads a link, adding a search portal set to embedded queue should add a link to a new queue just like the main one. Then when the query system is properly implemented, the funtcionality you propose would be as easy as adding a search portal only for “reminder cards”. (I’d also like there to be “reminder cards” that don’t need a back side)

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I came from Readwise to Remnote and I have a feedback.

It would be good if we could create more simple flashcards, that only shows a bullet point without back of card.

I was planning using Remnote, mainly, for spaced repetition reflection.

There’s an app called Neuracache that also uses it as “Space Repetitions Cards” in contrast to “Flashcards”:

(ref: NeuraCache Cards)

It’s useful for reflection of the bullet point content (highlights, quotes or other). Same way as it is in Readwise.

With this functionaly in Remnote we could achive that!


If there was the ability to disable the equation shortcut it would be helpful!

I rarely use the equation shorcut. Many others might rarely use it too… And I find the shortcut to be a distraction in the app interface.

Keep the good work guys… That’s it.


Hi, @UMNiK. Have you been using incremental reading in RemNote during the year?

I want to try incremental reading in RemNote. Could you share some experiences? For example, how to excerpt, set priorities and take notes when reading. thank you

The short answer is no, I have not. If I actively read something (as opposed to a skim/putting it into a backlog), I usually simultaneously take literature notes that I then turn into permanents that are added to the queue (these days as a Concept with a title, after Matuschak’s Evergreen notes), not for active recall purposes, but as a combination writing inbox and salience refreshers (regular flashcards are, sadly, in the same queue at the moment, but hopefully queries will allow to split them easily). For web content, I also use Memex to amply highlight (since I just need to know that I have the information in this block of text in my system already, not to serve as aides for re-reading) the stuff I’ve taken notes on, whereas for books I use kindle highlights for needed/not fully understood direct quotes and annotations for literature notes (that are then imported into RemNote). I find that it’s quicker to check whether I understand something by writing about it straight away (and following up with a reference/other source as needed) rather than giving it multiple reads. Of course, I still use pin references where the arguments depend on sources and to keep the option of returning to a source open.

General note-taking and so on advice can be found in the awesome list.


@UMNiK No directly related, but do you have a memex template for highlights or bookmarks you want to share? :slight_smile: cheers

I did test this one a long while ago, and it seemed to work okay, but currently, as mentioned, I take notes directly in RemNote and just use highlights to denote that I already have the contents in my system, so I’ve not exported anything from Memex in a while. It’s basically a simplified version of the Roam example. The url gets pasted without making it a reference, but doesn’t resolve to the title, and it will make a rem for the annotation even if there isn’t any, so I’m sure you can do better.


Hello thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
One extra info, if you have it : is there as markdown-paste syntax to add something (the URL) as source? Do you have any idea on that? thanks :wink:

None whatsoever, sorry. Not even sure how current this post is

@hannesfrank ?

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