Feedback on the Search Improvements made in RemNote 1.6

Hey everyone! We have made quite a few core changes to how the search works and you could test this on the alpha and beta servers (if you are a LLL and/or a Pro user).

:mag_right: Instantaneous Search

  • RemNote is your second brain, and we want it to be just as fast as your first one! To better achieve this goal, we’ve upgraded search to be “instantaneous” – get search results as fast as you can type!
  • We’ve also rebuilt search so that it stays lightning fast even as your knowledge base increases in size. That means users with huge knowledge bases still reap the rewards of instantaneous search.
  • This upgrade also ensures that you’ll have a great search experience on our upcoming iOS app!
  • Instantaneous search also brings a more frictionless and consistent experience when using RemNote across multiple browser tabs. This helps you always find what you’re looking for, regardless of where you use RemNote!
  • More search improvements coming soon:
    - Further improvements to search rankings
    - Removing the initial loading delay
    - Broader querying ability

We would like for you to test this search and let us know how it fares in real life usage. Thank you for your time

OMG! This is beautiful.
Fell in love the search


it has not appeared in my update nor is there an option for update. I am LLL

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Are you logged into either the Alpha or Beta Servers? :eyes:

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I guess it is the desktop. Mine hasn’t updated as well, despite turning on the beta function.


Automatic Searching cannot search for more than two words…
see the video below

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I met this issue too.

Now we can “only search concept rems”. Before even turn on “only search concept”, the search result will show non concept rems.

The setting “Only Search Concepts” really only searches concepts now instead of the

“Default to only searching Concepts & documents (toggle in search with “Alt + C”).” in the detailed description and past behavior of this setting.

Always had this setting on because the standard search was not (and still is not) defaulting to most often referenced REMs


yes i am accessing both servers. now this happens

The search function failure, Search out anything


⌘ + P
All search functions are unavailable


In the latest beta version, the support for Chinese search is even worse, I can no longer search for certain words, I can only search for relevant content through the “Search portal” function, and even the relevant content is still incomplete (this is a constant problem).
In version 1.5.3,

This is in version 1.6
I wish Remnote Team would give more thought to Chinese search, we really need Remnote to be able to search Chinese correctly. remnote is powerful and it would be the strongest if it could perfect Chinese search. It is very sad that in the latest Beta version 1.6, more Chinese will not be searched.
Many thanks to the Remnote team for their efforts and they have already worked on the search function.


For me, the search is broken, the “loading circle” keeps spinning with no end (even before typing anything) on desktop app.

is it because of some sort of indexing going on?

Also, see this : Desktop Client Not Loading Search In Beta 1.6 Update


Otherwise, on the web browser : 10/10 :smiley:

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when I type [[ for rem refering text, some of them doesn’t show in the shearch box, this also happens when I whan to search something with Crl + P

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hello and thanks for the wonderful software.

I would like to ask you to make the search by tags more flexible.
for example, I would like to search for all notes where there is a tag ##tasty_food and exclude tags ##italian_cuisine from the search, this functionality is in obsidian.

An example search query could look like this: 1) #delicious_food - #italian_cuisine
2) #delicious_food without: #italian_cuisine

Just to say my search has, like others above, completely stopped working since updating the desktop app to 1.6 - even the search on the help page.

The web app, still on 1.5.3 works perfectly.

Example screenshots of the problem:


This is a separate feature that may be tracked here.

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after update to beta version search is broken :frowning:

Hello, it’s a fantastic idea. I think you can find this exact same feature request somewhere else in the forum… simply vote for it :slight_smile: