June 2022 Update - RemNote 1.8

Similar painful update for me, desktop app doesn’t work anymore and the web (in Firefox) keeps having this stupid problem where it can’t break the lines correctly. It goes weird reverse mode.

Also lost all afternoon work because it missed the sync while updating I guess.


same problem for me sadly. It doesnt update my database at all. I hope they can fix it!


They warned the Desktop App would become unavailable for the user testers.


Whts its oing on?? Remnote its dying? How you considered all the waste time for your users?? 1.8 its a complet disaster


try logging into new.remnote.com (as suggested above), it worked for me in the browser! but the desktop app is still not syncing though


To be clear, this is not about testing but an upgrade that was triggered automatically.

Many users are reporting that the app stopped working after this upgrade, also in this forum thread: Blank screen since 1.8 update.


Ironically, looks like the “contact support” button is also broken in the new release…

Wth, I don’t check the forums every day. I got a banner saying an update was downloading in the background. Didn’t even know 1.8 was a big release. Reload and it already broke the app, decided to re-download in case my internet connection screw the update and now is only blank screen.

I don’t want to use an app where I should check the forums before updating, that’s not a good practice imho, if they rushed in the update because some random person urged them months ago saying the software was “vaporware” I ll be sad to leave. This tool holds my pkm, I think it’s worth a bit of stability and trust.

My pkm has been growing a lot in the recent months and I don’t want to migrate rn but what alternative do I have if i cannot trust the updates.

Please, i prefer a feature-less app than a buggy one! :pray:t2: No offense but really, there’s no single feature in this update i ll use. They are all flashy and sell subscriptions but completely worthless.

Don’t want to sound negative, overall remnote is still better than other apps. Just don’t screw up


@davidmasp I completely see where you are coming from.

I’m also concerned about relying so much on an app with such quality issues. I’ve been running into annoying bugs with Remnote every day since I started to use it last year. Now the upgrade that promised to fix many bugs completely breaks the app, the support button does not work, many people report blocking issues with the upgrade on the forum, yet there is not even an acknowledgement of the issues by the Remnote team.

At the same time, the concept is great and I don’t see a better alternative at the moment. I just wish there was more focus on improving quality, polishing user experience, and fixing bugs.


I have a problem:
“Synced 19 hours ago
You are connected to the server and your changes are automatically syncing.”

“An update is downloading in the background. You can sync again once it is installed.” - and after 20 hours conected to the internet, is still downloading and i cant sync my files…


Same problems. At least users should have a choice whether to upgrade or not…


On macOS Firefox, new.remnote.com seems to work fine for me.
Desktop app still stuck in upgrade not progressing, I can’t even quit it. And I’m not sure forcing to quit is a very good idea. Since almost all of my knowledge bases are local, I can’t work at all anymore, waiting for a solution, like many I guess.


On new.remnote i have completely different database in comparison to the normal remnote.com which works perfect for me. Interesting.

@fdarnel Yes, I agree. at least they should prompt a pop-up message with yes or no option
@davidmasp & @piotrj As you guys said, remnote has a better feature among other PKM. but due its bug, I really want to quit it. However all my important notes are in this rem. I can’t leave as just like that. coz my entire project details worth time and money are here… team should consider this and give us option of choosing the update version.
Did you guys try syncing local knowledge base? I think syncing will not be big a problem if it was local knowledge base. Since, I have good internet connection. I no longer need them. But I saw this in one of the forum.
If anyone has synced your rem with local storage. Please let me now :pray:t3:


I thought my computer was less reliable that theirs so didn’t have a local file. Maybe I was wrong.

The export json that I did just now looks like if it worked though.

@davidmasp Oh k. I just downloaded desktop version from new.remnote website. Now, all my data is synced. So far no problem. I better backup my files on daily or weekly basis.

Agree with the main point, but here are features of 1.8 that I consider essential and should have been implemented since the beginning, before things like pdf integration:

  • Total data ownership: The desktop app now saves all your data in a single local file that you can easily access, copy, delete or move.
  • Tabs
  • Right side bar history (absolutely essential for theory builders/people who spend a lot of time reflecting and refining ideas)

I don’t think that a synchronization of local databases is currently achievable easily. This is a regular backup of .json documents and image files. Personally in an automatically duplicated folder in a cloud as a precaution.

Hey Everyone,
I have the same problems as mentioned before with the new update Remote App on my Mac (M1, OS Monterey).
For me it helped to downloaded the actual version from the Website and replace it with the updated version. But after a while the update button is going to show up again, do not press it :wink:

Hi everyone,
It seems the new site new.remnote.com is also throwing similar messages linked to sync as the original site.
I am not sure how to resolve the issue. It might be good if we can have an update from the Remnote team as it looks like I might need to suspend the use of the app till all the bugs get sorted out.
The app version is showing 1.8.3.

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