June 2022 Update - RemNote 1.8

Hey Everyone! :remnote:

RemNote 1.8 - The Extensibility and Performance Update is ready for user-testing :star2:

:point_right: You can access the update here - http://new.remnote.com/ :point_left:

When you access the website you will see this :warning: disclaimer:

Logging into new.remnote.com will migrate your account to our new and improved database. You will not be able to log into the normal remnote.com, mobile app, or desktop app until we release RemNote 1.8 in a few days. No data will be lost or changed in the migration. Thanks for helping us test!

Please note that the entire RemNote team has been testing this internally for a few weeks already and we have all migrated both our personal and work accounts into the new database without any data loss. This should be safe, but keeping a manual backup of your Knowledge-base before testing anything new is always recommended

Overview of RemNote 1.8 update:

:sparkles: New Features

:electric_plug: Plugins - We’ve built the web’s most powerful plugin system to help you with any and all of your thinking and learning needs.

  • Core Plugins - We’re kick-starting our plugin community with core plugins built by the RemNote team. These will be available when RemNote 1.8 is released next week
  • Calling All Developers! - Plug your Discord username into this form, and get added to our private dev channel and get access to build alpha plugins. We’ll start inviting devs once RemNote 1.8 is released next week!

Note: the testing server will not have access to the demo plugins, they will only be available with the regular 1.8 update.

:house_with_garden: Knowledge-Base Upgrades (only for Pro Users)

  • Multiple Knowledge Bases - Create multiple Knowledge Bases from a single account.
  • (Alpha) Shared Knowledge Bases - Thinking and learning doesn’t happen in isolation. Create a Knowledge Base and share with friends.

:last_quarter_moon: Dark Mode - An ideal experience for late-night work.


  • :mag: Omnibar Preview - preview of the selected Search result is now visible on the Omnibar
  • :calendar: NLP for Dates in the Omnibar - Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the Omnibar now recognises dates and helps retrieve the correct Daily Document

:tools:Completely Revamped

:writing_hand:New Editor

  • :globe_with_meridians: Natively International - Full non-Latin alphabet (including full right-to-left languages) support. No more search issues, bugs, or other idiosyncrasies.
  • :iphone: Full-Featured Mobile Editor - Mobile apps will now have full WYSIWYG support and be in full feature-parity with the web-app.

:iphone: New Mobile UI - Mobile apps will have custom UI that is optimised for smaller touch screens.

Polished features
:mag_right:Redesigned Omnibar - Improved visual distinction of results and comes with two new Lab upgrades.
:fire: Multiple Panes on Steroids - Panes can now be moved, resized, swapped and opened in desired ways without leaving the keyboard
:bread:Improved Breadcrumbs - Breadcrumbs on the top now get neatly tucked away when too long and expand on click.

:arrow_double_up:Upgrades and Stability

:file_cabinet:Backend Architecture (Database) Revamp
:infinity: Faster, Consistent Syncing - Syncing is now faster, easier and more effective in the backend.
:red_car:Complete Data Portability - You have full control over your data and we made it more accessible.
:desktop: New Desktop App - Faster & more performant.
:construction_site: High-Fidelity Imports from other popular tools
:loudspeaker:Intercom Based Support for Everyone!
:bug:Tons of Bug-Fixes

Attention Testers: If you find anything out of the ordinary in the testing server (new.remnote.com) please report to us immediately using the new in-app Support system. You can access this by clicking on ‘?’ button → Contact Support → Send us a message.

For full changelog read here :point_right: RemNote


No wonder it takes so long to finish the internal testing. This list goes on and on…


Will those invited to the database be able to modify the data or will they only be able to practice the flash cards? It would be great if these options could be configured!

My app version is still 1.7.6 after logging in to new.remnote.com. Is this intended? Remnote.com and the Mobile App are still accessible. Has my account been successfully migrated?

Logging into new.remnote.com will migrate your account to our new and improved database. You will not be able to log into the normal remnote.com, mobile app, or desktop app until we release RemNote 1.8 in a few days. No data will be lost or changed in the migration.

kindly leave such feedback and ideas here - Shared Knowledgebases | RemNote
It might be really beneficial if you could share some of the use cases you have in mind too :slight_smile:

My app version is still 1.7.6

Our bad, we should update the version number.

Yes, it should’ve migrated successfully if you are logged into new.remnote.com and you went through the initial loading of your Knowledgebase.

For example, I make flash cards of a topic and I want to share that knowledge base with a friend, but I don’t want him to modify my flash cards and I just want him to be able to practice the flash cards.

We are working on a separate way to support such use cases :slight_smile:

Thank you for all this work, I’m really looking forward to seeing the possibilities plugins will offer to us developers!

Do we have access to the new desktop app already?
I get this when going to the download page:

It hasn’t been a smooth upgrade for me. The upgrade process got stuck and displayed a lot of errors. Now the desktop app does not show anything in the left panel and is stuck at 0/0 progress of updating the knowledge base. Similarly on the web version that does not display anything at all anymore.


Similar painful update for me, desktop app doesn’t work anymore and the web (in Firefox) keeps having this stupid problem where it can’t break the lines correctly. It goes weird reverse mode.

Also lost all afternoon work because it missed the sync while updating I guess.


same problem for me sadly. It doesnt update my database at all. I hope they can fix it!


They warned the Desktop App would become unavailable for the user testers.


Whts its oing on?? Remnote its dying? How you considered all the waste time for your users?? 1.8 its a complet disaster


try logging into new.remnote.com (as suggested above), it worked for me in the browser! but the desktop app is still not syncing though


To be clear, this is not about testing but an upgrade that was triggered automatically.

Many users are reporting that the app stopped working after this upgrade, also in this forum thread: Blank screen since 1.8 update.


Ironically, looks like the “contact support” button is also broken in the new release…

Wth, I don’t check the forums every day. I got a banner saying an update was downloading in the background. Didn’t even know 1.8 was a big release. Reload and it already broke the app, decided to re-download in case my internet connection screw the update and now is only blank screen.

I don’t want to use an app where I should check the forums before updating, that’s not a good practice imho, if they rushed in the update because some random person urged them months ago saying the software was “vaporware” I ll be sad to leave. This tool holds my pkm, I think it’s worth a bit of stability and trust.

My pkm has been growing a lot in the recent months and I don’t want to migrate rn but what alternative do I have if i cannot trust the updates.

Please, i prefer a feature-less app than a buggy one! :pray:t2: No offense but really, there’s no single feature in this update i ll use. They are all flashy and sell subscriptions but completely worthless.

Don’t want to sound negative, overall remnote is still better than other apps. Just don’t screw up


@davidmasp I completely see where you are coming from.

I’m also concerned about relying so much on an app with such quality issues. I’ve been running into annoying bugs with Remnote every day since I started to use it last year. Now the upgrade that promised to fix many bugs completely breaks the app, the support button does not work, many people report blocking issues with the upgrade on the forum, yet there is not even an acknowledgement of the issues by the Remnote team.

At the same time, the concept is great and I don’t see a better alternative at the moment. I just wish there was more focus on improving quality, polishing user experience, and fixing bugs.