Many (many) copies of rems have been created overnight :/ (#stub and others)

I’ve seen someone report the same thing on GitHub. But I’m asking here, in case it’s a known issue with easy solution

This is my situation :



I didn’t create those (I think).

I really don’t know what is happening with the #stub : I’m not in charge of #stub, Remnote creates this tags for me.
For the others (people, journal, etc from images), I remember how those rems have been created : I’ve copied and pasted something like this, for each paper I’m reviewing (from my library manager):

The statistical physics of cities, Barthelemy, [[Issued/2019]]
[[People/Authors/Barthelemy, Marc]]
[[Issued/2019]] in [[Journals/Nature Reviews Physics]]

Each instance of “People” contains 1 rem called Authors, which contains 1 rem (the name of one author).

Where is the problem with that? What’s the remedy?

I don’t get it :confused:

This can happen when you paste content from elsewhere into RemNote, if that content has some formatting that RemNote interprets in some way (such as #). A good hint could be the date in which they were created (are they all the same?)

With me this happened when I copy pasted content from a wikipedia page.

Thanks for sharing this insight.

From what I can see it is indeed related to copy-pasting text in Remnote language.

I think we should still consider this a bug :confused:

I agree this should be addressed… Not really a bug, but definitely unexpected.

I created this report:

Feel free to add to it to show your suppport

Thank you!

However, I’m surprised by your post:

in your GitHub you seem to mention this a non-bug as it should require only a warning instead of correction. This leads me to believe that there is something I’m missing : why would this not be a bug?

If I copy and paste [[People/Authors/ftfk]] I expect Remnote to create a rem ftfk under pre-existing Rem Authors which is nested under pre-existing rem People. From what I read in your message, it seems that in your eyes it should instead create a new instance of People/Authors, although these Rem already exist.

Could you elaborate pls?
If this is really expected behaviour, then could you tell me if you have any idea on how am I supposed to go with copying and pasting text that allows me to nest ftfk under pre-existing rem… ?

Ah sorry, I was talking in more general terms (in my case, the issue was related to hashtags).

I’m not familiar with the specific issue you mentioned. In your case it might indeed be a bug.

Do create an issue in github!

Thanks for the report!

It looks like there are two issues here:

  1. The UX issue of unexpected Rem automatically being created on paste, as @ognsya pointed out.
  2. A bug that’s causing the "Stub"s to get duplicated. (And also causing “People/Authors”, etc. to get duplicated - these should map to the same Rem.)

I’ve been having trouble tracking down and replicating the Stub issue. Would you mind assisting in the debugging with the following?

  1. Does going to any duplicated “Stub” and pressing “Merge” correctly merge all duplicates, or are some missing?
  2. After pressing “merge”, are new duplicate Stubs still created?
    (You can create new stubs by pasting in text with a reference to a Rem that doesn’t yet exist, such as Paste [[Some new rem]]
  3. If they’re now not duplicated, are new duplicate Stubs still created after a refresh?

Thank you!

Hello Martin,

  1. yes merge works as expected, all subs are merged into one
    This is before I hit merge :

    This is after :

  2. [[Some new rem]] generates a new instance of stub


No idea if it helps, but this is what stub looks like.

@Martin hello again

I don’t know if you’ve seen my previous post (see above) with my answers to your questions.

In my experience, the problem is still present :