Multi pane support and multiple instances in desktop app

Any roadmaps for multi pane support like in obsidian?

You can do that by clicking a rem while pressing Shift key. Or you can open another pane by clicking the most bottom-left icon on the sidebar.

Can I open more than two panes? Like move them horizontally or vertically? Like this for example. It would help me switch context easily while staying focussed on a particular task.

It is a great plugin when I used roam but needs smoother experience to make it useful. But I would really like obsidian like multipane support as I mentioned in my previous comment.

At the moment there is not a way to make multiple panes like in Obsidian or Notion. You can add multiple items in the sidebar if you create like a document but not vertically or horizontally split like you are wanting

Here is a thread along the same line Right siderbar new function urgently needed! - #4 by hannesfrank

I would love the feature you are asking for as well