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Hello. I’ve made a plugin to learn more about programming and project. I read a lot, but I wanted a tool to study with YouTube too.

You can read below some parts from my GitHub. Sorry for my mistakes, I’m not a native English speaker.


take notes in RemNote with a YouTube video

plugin for RemNote with only read and create permissions


  • create timestamps like chapters, add child notes with or without timestamps
  • review you video notes later
  • jump to the timestamps with your mouse or your keyboard
  • control the player with shortcuts
  • set the default settings, so you don’t have to do your settings again
  • put questions and get the answer with a video link
  • modify your rems in Remnote

Quick start

Short presentation video

How to add the plugin ?

How to use the plugin ?

  • copy paste your video link in RemNote (youtube . com or you . tube)
  • go into the rem
  • insert the plugin
  • click on the video to start
  • input a delay to rewind the video when you take a note

How to change the default settings ?

  • you can skip and use these settings later
  • go into RemNote YT
    • dark_mode : 0 (or 1)
    • width: 65 (% value)
    • playback_speed: 1 (0.25, 0.5, …, 2)
    • delay: 0 (seconds)
    • caption: 0 (or 1)


  • remember at least the shortcuts to input your notes and the left/right keys to move
  • you can rewind/forward while you have an empty text input to target the best time (it doesn’t cancel the delay)
  • enable/disable the delay with “d” if you want to make many notes in a row



  • take note : take a note
  • delay : the timestamp begins earlier
  • keyboard : check if the plugin player has the focus to use shortcuts
  • refresh : correct your notes, fold and refresh

Keyboard shortcuts

Video is playing


  • enter : input a note


  • left : rewind 5s
  • right : forward 5s
  • space : play/pause
  • j : rewind 10s
  • l : forward 10s
  • k : play/pause
  • 0-9 : n * 10% jump
  • shift + , : slower
  • shift + . : faster


  • media play pause : play/pause
  • media track previous : previous
  • media track next : next


  • m : mute
  • shift + up : volume up
  • shift + down : volume down


  • shift + chapter up : previous
  • shift + chapter down : next chapter
  • shift + home : first chapter
  • shift + end : last chapter
  • backspace : repeat the current chapter


  • r : refresh
  • d : enable/disable the delay

You’re taking a note

  • enter : enter a parent note with a timestamp
  • shift + enter : enter a question to create a flashcard
child note
  • ctrl + enter : enter a child note with a timestamp
  • alt + enter : enter a child note without a timestamp
  • ctrl + shift + enter : enter a child question to create a flashcard
  • left / right : you can use left and right before to type
  • cancel : erase and leave the text input


  • you can use qwerty and azerty


  • don’t delete the “RemNote YT” rem, it can break the plugin
  • plugin name
    • always use the same name, but you can change the link and the height
    • if you change the name, you will need to add another plugin in RemNote to be able to use all the plugins you’ve used
    • if you don’t want the settings, use -np in the plugin name : example rnyt -np (warning : it is like a new name)
    • use an useless name like “rnyt” to avoid noise when you search in RemNote
  • the plugin can’t modify the rems, so it won’t correct the misplaced rems
  • be careful when you edit your rems into RemNote
    • the timestamps are mandatory on the top level
    • follow the chronological order
    • the child notes with a timestamp are inserted before child notes without a timestamp
  • the child notes are linked to the current chapter, you can change it into RemNote
  • show one plugin at a time to avoid duplicates
  • in the settings, change only the numbers and don’t write units
  • refresh could fix some displaying bugs
  • the plugin has been tested with dozens of notes only


  • You can read more informations about the project on GitHub.



Thank you so much for sharing this, it’s awesome and so helpful to take notes from youtu. I have a question, can it set the default picture quality in the RemNote YT?


A great plugin… thanks…

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Added to the feature request as an another plugin option, thanks! You may also be interested in looking through the previous implementations discussion in the same thread.

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hi, t_bonhomme. I only can create up to the two levels rem. I want to create rems like this

  • grandfather rem
    • parent note
      • children note

but when I enter “ctrl + enter” to creat the children note after parent note, the children note and parent rem are on the same level

  • grandfather rem
    • parent note
      (ctrl + enter)
    • children note
      Is there a mistake in my operation? thank you

YouTube removed the functions to change the quality.,-2019

I’ve used the Frontend Plugin API. I will test the Backend API later.

You can only make a parent note (with enter) and a child note (with ctrl + enter or alt + enter).

You can arrange the rems with RemNote up to 6 levels. You can display the results once it is done.

I got the idea to use “tab” and “shift + tab” to change the level, but I thought RemNote was a lot better to do this task. I will see if I can do something.

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Updates :

  • you can read the shortcuts inside the plugin
  • ui improvements
  • less waiting if it becomes slow, you can continue (you only wait if the plugin needs to write a 2nd rem in a very short time)

Thanks for your contribution! Your plugin works fabulously!

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Updates :

  • you can click or use new keyboard shortcuts to navigate the lines
    • blue line: selected
    • cyan line: target before to click
  • you can take children notes with the keyboard shortcuts on every available level (The key Enter is reserved for the top-level)
  • you can read the new keyboard shortcuts: Input Note > Navigate
  • the keyboard shortcuts for the sound volume have changed from Alt + Up/Down to Ctrl + Up/Down
  • the timeline keeps a good size when the scrollbar appears
  • dark mode scrollbar issue is fixed

It is recommended not to abuse timestamps. The notes without a timestamp are faster to write than with a timestamp.


That’s really cool, thanks for sharing!

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Super plug-in. I’d like to ask if it can support more online video platforms, such as BiliBili in China or even more. This will be an amazing plug-in.

This plugin uses YouTube API iFrame from YouTube. It helped me to control the video hosted on YouTube. Other online video platforms haven’t made an equivalent for their platform, and it would not be possible to make one for multiple platforms.

Nonetheless, I’m trying to develop an alternative with a similar plugin to read hosted video files and even sound files with the native html5 audio/video player. It needs direct access to the file with an extension like mp4 or mp3. You can’t access many hosted audio/video without their player, but it is possible to do something with Dropbox.

On your side, you could download your files, put them into your Dropbox directory, then read them with the future plugin. For this, you would need to copy-paste a shared link.

By the way, you shouldn’t upload videos on Youtube to read them on RemNote, and even it is private because YouTube considers your videos as publications and can detect them automatically then strike you.


YiNote is a good supplement for other sites in the meantime, and you may want to poke around in its code for inspiration (though the notes are markdown, it does support more sites).

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Not sure why this plugin too doesn’t work for me. I just get a blank plugin space holder after following the steps above.
(As well as this one, the “embed website” plugin doesn’t work for me either. On the other hand, the images plugin works.)

Edit: I tried disabling all extensions like https anywhere, ghostery etc, but the plugins still don’t work for me. :frowning:

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Glitch is very slow today. I can’t do tests on another project.


You can use this small plugin to update a link. In the example, I use a shortcut.
height: 100
width: 150
permissions: read, create, modify
location: popup

rnyt will display an error about the permissions, but it’s not an issue.


Wow, I didn’t realise we could still get strikes against private YT videos. Danggit, and here I was thinking I could mass upload links for myself.

Looking forward to see the alternative plugin! In addition to Dropbox, could it be extended to Google Drive? Pretty sure you can play audio/videos in GDrive too