Way to turn all text references into Backlinks

Hi everybody! I just started using remNote, and I am finding it fantastic, but there is something bugging me off.

Let’s say that I am writing about a book, and I created a reference (using [[ ) for the author name. In the process of writing, I mention the author’s name a few times, without making a reference. Is there some way to automatically transform all text references in a document into references (with the blue link)?

You probably already noticed that if you go to that author’s Rem you can see all Text References to it in a box on the bottom. And that you can add references individually by selecting the relevant text and pressing “[”.

For what you’re asking (to turn them all into references with one click), I don’t think that’s possible yet

Not a bad idea. I think this should be a feature.

Just realized @ognsya assumed this was a Q/A post (?)
This is a feature request. @hannesfrank why did you close it?
I’ve voted, let’s keep this open, shall we?

I don’t remember. If it marked as solved, e.g. because it was converted from a solved QA topic, it could be that it was closed as part of the bulk closing that I did on all the solved Feature requests to return votes.

In any case this feature is now discussed in Convert every text-reference into a Rem Reference function so I’d leave it closed?

Gotcha @hannesfrank !
Never mind @ognsya. Sorry for disturbing you.
I’m closing this topic again. :grin: