June 2022 Update - RemNote 1.8

Can you send another discord link, I can’t log in to the server…

The sync now is working for me on all servers.

Desktop App (downloaded today) was failing updating database for not being able local database.


Solved when I ran the exe as admin.

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Will the readwise integration be fixed soon? my whole workflow depends on it and it is very annoying not having it working

Desktopp app dont work yet… 48 hours of disaster an Remnote team are closing all the messages of the peoble who are claiming here

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Is the RemNote Desktop App on Windows really near 1GB ?? what’s going on? triples the size after one update?

Initially my app was functioning ok according to this configuration Blank screen since 1.8 update - #19 by RemNoteUserName
albeit it was version 1.7

Then I got curious and reinstalled RemNote to 1.8.3 like suggested here June 2022 Update - RemNote 1.8 - #56 by Karthikk

After logging in, it goes to white screen, syncing, the main account takes forever to sync. So I click my local only knowledge base, still stuck at syncing at the main account, can’t load. So I force close it. After awhile it closes, then suddenly opens again with my local knowledge base now accessible.
Every time I revisit the (main) sync account, the same loop happens.

4 or 5 times larger than Logseq lol

I still have the problem with mac app. Any recommendations?

Same here!

MAC OS App problem

For me the sync is still not working.

Hey, the integrations are down because we have released a fully new API system. The readwise team might have to update their integration to make it work with ours. We would be happy to support their team if they are willing, but it can only be fixed from their end unfortunately

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@RemNoteUserName @Ruoxi_Lu @DACHSHH the desktop apps are still a bit buggy, we will be fixing them today (they shouldn’t be using so much resources on your PC after that)

Until then please use the web-app as a temporary solution

Awesome! Thanks for that. Good luck with the work, loving the new update so far. So crisp.

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Hi everyone,
I am facing an issue while downloading the new desktop app.
I am not sure if anyone else is facing a similar issue.

Unfortunately, I am getting an issue on Discord and hence, posting here for possible reach out to the Remnote working team @Karthikk .

Understand the challenges with the new update. Wish the team, good luck in setting things right. Hope the team can reflect on the possible drawbacks and plan for future updates in a better manner. For now, lets get the current crisis sorted out… good luck !!

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still have this problem, pls can someone tell me when this is going to get fixed? I have difficult upcoming exams and I can’t study

I still cannot sync from the Browser, and i get this pic
Screenshot 2022-07-09 at 13.02.37

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Sync is definitely not working for me at all. I really hope you fix this problem ASAP :frowning:

I didn’t realise that I had to download a new desk app in order to complete the update, because it says the update is downloading in the background, so I had kept working in the old one until today, while it is showing “synced 3 days ago”. I checked this blog today, then got onto the website and got the new app, and found that my past 3-day work didn’t sync onto the website and into the new app. So what should I do with my past 3-day work, and which app should I keep working on? If I use the new app, will it cover my past 3-day work so I cannot sync anymore? Please help.

I didn’t realise that I had to download a new desk app in order to complete the update

It is not supposed to be like this. We had to do this because they messed up on the backend.

got onto the website and got the new app, and found that my past 3-day work didn’t sync onto the website and into the new app… which app should I keep working on?

Are you saying your desktop App, after reinstalled to 1.8, does not have your past 3-day work? :scream:
Can you see your past 3-day work anywhere?

Do you mean for most of us, we just need to wait for the automatic update on the desktop app?

No, my past 3-day work can neither be found on the site, nor on the 1.8 (new) version of desktop app, although both of them show they have completed the sync.

Currently, there are two Remnote apps existing on my desktop. My past 3-days work can be found on the old one, which stopped sync, and keeps showing ‘synced 3 days ago’.

Now, I don’t know what should I do. I dare not edit the notes on the old desktop app, because I am afraid it won’t sync; and dare not edit notes on the new one, because I am afraid new actions will cover my past 3-day work, once it starts to sync, and I cannot access to Internet all the time, so edit on site is not a good choice for me.

This update is deadly to me… waiting the team find a solution ASAP, my deadline is on my face….