Let slots inherit tags, including "Extra Card Detail"

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I have been thinking exactly this. Having this feature will make the implementations based on Custom Rem-level formatting with tags (i.e. most of the stuff listed in :christmas_tree: Advent Calendar: Every day a new Custom CSS Snippet) very easy to use and implement.

Even without considering the tag based formatting, slots should inherit tags to enable several other use cases.

Btw, this doesn’t look like an FR. Did you post this this in a wrong section? I don’t even know which section this is.

It is in the correct section since the original poster declined to make the FR themselves. Feel free to elaborate here.

Earlier I couldn’t find an option to vote and the section name under the title was empty (maybe I was not looking carefully? or discourse delayed updating the section somehow? ). Anyways, thanks for filing this.

I use templates and want to have tags associated with certain items within the template. however whenever I use ## with the name of the template the tags aren’t carried forward from the template. is there a way to change this?

I really want this too, I have a Note slot to add notes on + Memory Aid to add mnemonics in. I would like to have this set to an extra detail card every time I use it

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