Use a different symbol instead of arrows for flashcards?

I like the new arrow dropdown for flashcard options a lot, but since I am using RemNote for mathematics, an arrow symbol is extremely confusing.

Is it possible to customize a different set of symbols to indicate flashcard type, such as the “white arrows” or one of the sets of triangles that are available in Unicode?

thanks, I have the same problem, I study medicine and using → ← (alt + 26, alt + 27), is my bread and butter… I use them all the time and because of the update they keep generating flashcards for me D:


Now i can use -> and <-
or => and <=

Not really sure what your point is. ⇒ is not a substitute for → because ⇒ also has a meaning, and the meanings are different.


f4br1ux, since this was moved to “Feature Requests,” could you please upvote?