[Wiki] Editing tips, tricks, workarounds and hacks

This is a wiki post. If you have something to add, please do!
I think it would also be nice to have short gifs demonstrating each trick. If you have fun recording those, it would be greatly appreciated.

The WYSIWYG editor not perfectly polished for keyboard only use yet (see label editor-polish on github). E.g. it is not perfectly intuitive how to work with formatting environments (bold, italic, quote, cloze, …) (Space characters around cloze, quote, latex environments and other glitches · Issue #218 · remnoteio/remnote-issues · GitHub).

Nevertheless there are a bunch of tricks, workarounds and hacks to make the editing experience more fluent.
If you do something regularly, please share it below!


  • Use (Alt +) Enter (depending on your Keyboard Shortcuts > Split with Alt + Enter setting) to insert a rem below no matter where your current cursor is.
  • Shift + Enter for a line break on the current rem.
  • With caret inside a rem, pressing Ctrl + A once selects all text inside, twice selects the rem and its children, thrice selects all rem in the open document.


  • For formats with a shortcode (bold **, underline __, quote ``) you can press that short code again to end that formatting.
  • Press End to go to the end of the line to exit all formatting.

Code blocks

  • Add text before code block: Make rem with your text before and press Del at it’s end to join them.
  • Add text after code block: You should be able to press Esc, but it is bugged at the moment. Make a rem after and join them.
  • Indent a code block: Press Ctrl + A twice to select the block, then press Tab.


  • Edit the title: Just edit the blue text right in the editor.
  • Edit the url:
    • Select the rem containing the link using Shift + Down or by pressing Ctrl + A twice.
    • Paste into code block.
    • Edit the URL part of the markdown link [link title](http://url-of-link.com) to your liking.
    • Copy & paste the link back using Ctrl + Shift + V and delete the code block.


  • To remove formatting and hyperlinks from text copied from a website etc. use Ctrl+Shift+V.
  • To remove newlines (when you don’t want each line on a separate rem) or to paste formatting markup like **, __ raw without actually formatting the text: Create a blank code block with /code, paste into it, then copy and paste from the code block into a rem using Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V.

Thanks for your tips, very useful to me, especially the code block part.

However, I failed to realize the hyperlink editing procedures and wants to figure out what’s wrong. The vesrion of RemNote is 1.2.9 windows desktop
2021-03-15-19-14-13 00_00_00-00_00_30


That looks like a bug. It should not be possible to paste rich text into a code block.

When I tried it I selected the whole rem (not just all text inside that rem) by pressing either Shift + Down on a single line rem or Ctrl + A twice.


Yes, that’s the problem. :v:
The hyperlink rem should be selected using Ctrl+A*2 or Shift+Down, not double click; things copied should be pasted using Ctrl+Shift+V not Ctrl+V.

If everything goes right, effect of hyperlink editing should be like this:
2021-03-15-22-10-05 00_00_00-00_00_30

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Something small but I personally find opening links through cmd+click a little awkward to do. There‘s a workaround though which allows you to open links with a normal click: Turn on this setting at the bottom

create a separate page for your links,

and then reference your link. Now you can open links with a single click. Another bonus is that links open faster this way, no clue why…


Thanks @hannesfrank and @tkalpha , what a great workaround for links! I got it to work, too (when pasting initially into the code block using Ctrl+Shift+V). I’ve long struggled with link-handling in RemNote, now I’m thinking I will just start by pasting some of my links into a code block (if it is going to take me multiple steps anyway, this is easier than manually erasing some of the irrelevant stuff that RemNote sometimes puts in link labels).

Can you give (or link) a more general explanation of how RemNote uses Markdown (for someone like me with minimal understanding of Markdown)? I ask because I wonder if this trick of writing Markdown in a code block then Ctrl+Shift+V back to RemNote can be used with other ways.

If RemNote is using Markdown anyway, why not just allow users to enter links by typing [Google](https://google.com)? I guess I’d like to see under the hood of a rem (I still love that old WordPerfect “reveal codes” feature).

Here’s the remnote markdown reference.


Content that is added through the API or by pasting is considered markdown (see Ability to create all content via API [and RemNote flavored markdown] (paste syntax) UMNiK was faster :smiley:) and is then transformed into the Richtext elements RemNote uses internally.

If you use the mobile version of the web app/android app the rem is actually displayed in markdown syntax instead of the WYSIWYG viewer when editing. Here you could actually add [title](URL) and it will be converted to a rich text link when exiting the rem. This is harder in a WYSIWYG editor: Here you’d have to check the whole rem after each key press to see if there is a link completed now (e.g. it could be that you insert the ] into [title(URL) last). And additionally you’d have to expand the link to markdown again when you put the cursor into it. This is tricky to get bugfree. For me this markdown-oriented UX would be not optimal for a WYSIWYG editor anyway.

I would like it more if there was a similar UX like the LaTeX popup for the URL (the title can be edited in the text). Or like the popup here in Discourse when pressing Ctrl + K which has inputs for both link and title.


When using latex as aliases, normally what I do is use the shortcut crtl + a on a parent rem, type formula using latex, reference the parent rem on a different document, open and click the alias given from the option. (That’s the only way I’ve gotten it to work)

hannesfranks hack to edit hyperlinks no longer works in RemNote. Pasting a link into a /code block shows the title (or url if there is no title), but none of it is in markup format with title in braces and url in parantheses. This hack DOES still work, but only if using /iic inline code (i.e. markup displays).

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